Automatic Garage Door Security – Seven Tips

Posted by: | Posted on: March 24, 2021

Automatic garage door systems are amazing machines that have made homeowners’ lives much simpler and more convenient: no more lugging groceries inside in the rain or getting out of the car in the snow! However, with that ease comes real questions about safety and security: here are seven suggestions. Learn more by visiting Local Garage Door Pros.

Make sure the garage door opener button is high enough off the ground so that small children cannot access it.

Children should be taught about the risks of playing in or around the garage door. This is particularly true if the design of the door includes separate panels that could pinch small (or large) fingers.

The safest automatic models have an auto-reverse mechanism that automatically raises the door if it comes into contact with some object. If your system is so old that it lacks this feature, now is the time to invest in a new garage door device: the risk of an accident or even death from not having auto-reverse is simply too great.

Install laser sensors on both sides of the garage door to automatically raise it when obstacles are detected in their paths. This will ensure that automatic doors do not come into contact with pets, children, camping equipment, or anything else that may be dangerous.

Never leave the garage door partially open while you are gone for security purposes.

If your garage has a touchpad entry system on the outside, make sure the access code is changed on a regular basis. To prevent outsiders from breaking into your code and gaining access to your home, many of today’s newer models use rolling code technologies.

Automatic garage door systems require skilled maintenance on a regular basis in order to function effectively and safely. All of the parts are under severe strain, making them unsafe for homeowners to manage. If your machine is showing signs of wear or makes odd noises, don’t try to repair it yourself; instead, call a professional.