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Posted by: | Posted on: February 25, 2021

All about Festivals in Santa Ana

Festivals in Santa Ana County are celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm by the majority of the residents and most of the visitors from outside California. The major festivals of Santa Ana County are celebrated with all pomp and glory with grandiose grandeur. There are several important festivals of Santa Ana County that happen at regular intervals. These festivals are unique in their own way and are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm by the people. These festivals are spread out in different stages which are quite spectacular with a varied range of activities to enjoy. CheckĀ festivals in Santa Ana.

There is a grandiose festival of Saint Pseudo Jonas (PSJ), held every November wherein the whole town and the entire district are decorated with grandiose structures and huge banners. There is also the Iglesia de Santa Barbara, which is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. This festival is of immense importance as it is a celebration of love and faith between a priest and his parishioners. People come from far off places to participate in this festival of love.

Another grandiose festival of Santa Ana County is celebrated in February, when the full moon of the month is coinciding with a feast celebrating the victory of the Protestant soldiers over the Catholic army at the Battle of Auche, during the French occupation of Mexico in 1561. In February, there is the Iglesia Contra el Deserte (Iglesia Contra Las Salinas) which commemorates the defeat of the Protestant force at the hands of the Catholic forces. Then there is the celebration of St. James’ Day, on the first Sunday of February, the feast day for St. James the Baptist who is patron saint of Southeastern California. The last and one of the most popular festivals of Santa Ana County is the Full Moon Celebration, on the last Sunday of February.