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Posted by: | Posted on: March 17, 2021

When it comes to first timers, it is always good advice to get a small but cool tattoo design. Why so? Because if in case you realize that tats aren’t for you, you won’t have to endure life with a huge tattoo art on your arm that you particularly dislike. It is also a good idea to position these small tattoos on areas of your body that will allow you to disguise it easily. Small tattoos like heart, butterfly and stars are usually found inked on the wrist, foot, lower back, ankle, back of neck or ear. Considering the fact that they are tattooed on a smaller scale, a cleaner and simpler look typically works best as it will leave enough space for everything to be seen clearly. Intricate look and lots of details might not be appropriate for small tattoos like these. Have a look at EarPiercing.

Getting ink art on strategic places like the back of your shoulder works great for when you want to go out to the beach or wear something that’s a little revealing. Your tat will provide great accent to your outfit. But when it’s time to go to a really formal meeting, you can easily cover your tattoo up. Aside from butterflies, popular pieces also include dragonflies and other kinds of insects. Other tattoo designs include moon and stars. Remember to spice these designs up. Your tat should be as unique as you are. You can take a generic design but include symbols that personally mean something to you.

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