Poisons Under Your Sink: Hidden Danger of Cleaning Products

Posted by: | Posted on: January 26, 2021

These days, most people assume that the products they purchase from retailers are safe for them, and because of this, they tend to forget about reading labels and avoiding the more hazardous chemicals when the time comes to pick out everything from their cleaning products to the toys their pets play with. If you were to realize that many of the products that are being sold in the household cleaning section were indeed poisonous to you and your family, you might immediately make the decision to scratch these products off your shopping list, but that still leaves you wondering about how to replace them. It might surprise you that making decisions about safe and effective household products isn’t as difficult as it might seem; all you need is some direction and the right information to begin making smart choices with the products that you choose to bring into your home. Have a look here.

What is in the Product? Before purchasing anything, one of the first factors that you will need to consider is the makeup of the product itself. Ask yourself this simple question, “what is in the product?”; and you shouldn’t have any difficulties in determining whether it is good for your family. Remember, don’t be fooled by labels such as “added fragrance”, since these might look harmless, but many manufacturers now make use of formaldehyde in order to fragrance products ranging from shampoos to household cleaners, and this has been known to cause cancer.

Most people are aware that they shouldn’t consume dishwashing liquid; in fact, many of these types of products inform consumers to contact the poison control center if the substance is ingested. The problem with this is that people tend to consume small amounts of this product every day, and this amount will eventually add up over time. If the substance is not safe to consume, it should not be used to clean the very items that people use to store their food.

By getting to know exactly what is in a product, individuals will be able to avoid those that are poisonous to their own health or the health of their families, and this is a big step on the road to making sound decisions with regards to all of their purchases. If you want to ensure your home is safe and sound, you need to become aware of the toxins that are being ingested by your family on a daily basis.