Satellite Dish and TV Aerial Installation and Repairs

Posted by: | Posted on: January 5, 2021

One of the easiest things you can do if you have bad image quality is to just take a quick look from the outside of the ground to see if your dish or aerial looks like it might have slipped out of its original alignment, take a look from the ground to see if you can see any visible wires that might have snapped or fallen loose. try this web-site We would advise you to call an engineer if you can see anything wrong and it is above head height, as falling just a few feet off a ladder can lead to serious or fatal injury.

If everything looks OK outside, move back inside the property to the TV closest to where the cables reach the property and also as poor image quality, you will also need a satellite finder or an aerial signal strength meter at this stage, we will call this in your meter from here on, you will also need an ohmmeter or other resistance measuring device. After you have read and followed all the instructions that come with your meter, detach the aerial from the back of the TV and link the cable to your meter in accordance with the instructions that came with the meter, you should already have the batteries in your meter at this point, all three are very cheap and can be purchased online or from a store that supplies aerials or satellite equipment.

You may need to get your TV tested if the cable comes straight from the back of the TV if you get a really strong signal but still get a bad picture. But if you can’t get a good meter signal, then take the meter and go to the closest link to where the cables reach the house, possibly a wall socket. You should also have a short cable with a male aerial plug on both sides when you bought your meter. You will need this now.

Connect one side to your meter and one side to the aerial or dish wall socket and test for a signal as above and as mentioned in the meter instructions, if you still don’t get a signal here, then the issue is probably outside and I would advise you to call an engineer capable of working at height, but if you get a strong signal here, all you need to do is keep testing individual wire parts with height.