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Posted by: | Posted on: February 27, 2021

The Most Overlooked Fact About Winston-Salem Lawn Care Association

The pride of most neighbourhoods is a lovely, well-maintained lawn. The way your lawn looks depends on how it is taken care of by you. To help keep the grass safe and beautiful, there are few simple things you can do. For simple lawn maintenance, mowing, irrigation, feeding, aerating and scarifying are all significant steps to take. If you try to sell, the well cared for lawn will also add value to your house. Homeowners enjoy curb appeal, so keep reading to learn about the fundamentals of lawn care.Do you want to learn more? Visit Winston-Salem Lawn Care Association

The most important thing to remember when mowing your lawn is the height of the grass. You can never cut more than one-third of the grass blades in height. Make sure that the grass clippings on the yard are still left because this will provide the grass with fertiliser. You can mow your lawn at least once a week, but mowing more than once a week is ideal. Maintain a sharp mower blade and never mow in the same direction. Even, when it is wet, you can never mow your lawn. Wet mowing can result in clipping clumps, which may breed bacteria. The size of your lawn will decide the type of mower you need. A walking mower is suitable for a small lawn that can be mowed in half an hour or less. Larger lawns would necessitate the use of a ride-on mower.

To keep the grass safe and looking beautiful, it is important to water your grass. Watering the lawn should be done first thing in the morning. Stop having your grass watered too much. Be sure that it is finished when the yard is watered so that there is a decent soaking so that it will not have to be done for a while. Keep an eye on the weather forecast; if it’s going to rain, there’s no need to water.

Another vital aspect of maintenance is lawn feed, to keep your lawn looking beautiful and make it the neighborhood’s envy. Before you begin feeding your soil, have it checked to determine the nutrients are lacking from the structure and what you need to add. You should apply spring/summer fertiliser in the spring. This is a lawn feed with a high nitrogen content and a low phosphate content. You will be using a lawn feed that has low nitrogen and high phosphates in the fall. There is also a mixture of fine sand, ammonium and iron sulphate that can be placed in your yard to prevent weeds and moss from developing. Late spring is when the sand is normally added.