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Posted by: | Posted on: February 26, 2021

Preparing a Hot Tub For the Winter Months

Depending on its geographic location, a hot tub or spa may need to close for the winter months. Proper closing can be addressed by a service provider, or with the right information, it can be done by the owner.Get more informations of MG Pools

Proper closing of a hot tub is important because an inefficient closing may cause costly damage to the spa. Tubs can differ in plumbing and electrical connections, so it is suggested to refer to the owner’s manual during closing.

To start, drain your hot tub. Vacuum the tub’s jets, remove all filters, and vacuum the filter’s passageways. Then, flush all water out of the pumps. The pumps may have to run after the tub is vacuumed to ensure all water is clear from the pumps’ passageways.

Next, undo the tub’s connection to the plumbing coming from the pumps and heater. Vacuum any water collected by those entities. Add around 5 ounces of anti-freeze to the pumps. In addition, add about 1 ounce of anti-freeze to the jets within the hot tub. This can be facilitated by using a funnel or turkey baster. It is suggested to also add anti-freeze to air channels and air injectors associated with the tub.

Snowfall and other debris can be a cause of concern over the winter months. Many hot tub owners place something over their spa covers to reinforce closure. This can be accomplished via a piece of wood or cinder blocks. In addition, many owners supplement a tub cover with a piece of tarp to facilitate the cover’s longevity.

Opening the tub in the spring is not as laborious as the winter closing. When it is time, check all the fittings and fill the spa with water. Turn the power on and run the spa’s jets at top speeds for about twenty minutes. Turning the air blower on and off during this time helps purge the air lines. Then, drain the hot tub once more. Next, implement the filter into the tub. Lastly, fill the spa and address the tub with the necessary chemicals.