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Posted by: | Posted on: December 21, 2020

It’s a scary prospect to decide to get work done at home and you’ll feel bombarded with questions from your prospective contractor about what you want and what the design should be. However it is very easy to forget about what you should ask your builder during these conversations – either at the quotation stage or during construction. You will think that the process will be easy when it comes to a loft conversion, but really – there are any number of things that you will need proof of many of which you may not have thought of. Checkout The building constructor – loft conversion builders.

For payment?

When stage payments are made and the sum you will keep back at the end as snags are cleared up, you can check exactly how much your builder wants in advance. Try to get this plan of payments in writing. You may also ask them to make sure in writing that they receive any big payment adjustments. Before improvements to payments or costs are made, you may be able to set a cap beyond which approval must be obtained.

For how long?

It would be possible for any professional loft building company to give you a reasonable estimate of how long your project should take. It is true that once construction is underway, extra problems can occur, so they should keep you updated along the way. Tell your builder to include this time estimate in your contract, because if they seem to be taking too long, you can keep them to it.

When is building control going to arrive?

When the building control officer comes to check the insulation, the stairs and the floors, you can try to be at home if at all possible. Before you can use the loft and particularly before you sell your house, this stage is crucial and needs to be signed off. When the building control officer is present, being at home means that you have the peace of mind of understanding exactly what was said and what the contractor has or has not done.

Who’s going to be onsite?

You have a right to know who’s going to be on site during construction. You may be surprised because you expect it to be the builder who made the quote. He may be subordinate to the job or employ people you don’t trust. You should also know how many people in your home are going to be and when. Often you may feel as if a large number of people are invading your home at will and you need to have some control over this.