Understanding facts about Standout Web Services

Posted by: | Posted on: December 19, 2020

If there is a single convincing reason to move your work to the cloud, it is that you have access to it no matter where you are, both for reading and editing, as long as you have an Internet connection and a web browser. You need to recall your passwords, of course, too! Learn more by visiting Standout Web Services.

But the best thing is that these web services are all free of charge. While most sell a premium edition that offers you more options and/or storage, the simple free versions are themselves highly capable and rich in features.

Google Gmail We’re going to start the list with an app you’ve probably heard of, even if you’re not using it (you should be). This is the best e-mail webmail service available hands-down today and has been for years. Although the conventional folder storage scheme is turned on its head by Gmail and uses labels instead it works. And its Gmail Labs options offer you the opportunity in several ways to customise how it works for you. This has quickly been a free service that I would be prepared to pay for online.

In order to create (and share) documents, spreadsheets, presentations and even sketches and forms, Google Docs proof that you don’t need the sophistication of Microsoft’s Office suite. Google Docs is a free online service that provides the ability to work on documents in real time, which is a great feature for any project to advance faster.

Google Reader Google Reader, another of Google’s free Web 2.0 services, helps you to monitor your RSS feeds without having to go to your favourite websites manually anytime you want to find out whether new posts or content have been written. A smart way to keep up with dozens or even hundreds of different sites is to use Google Reader.

I can’t tell Dropbox enough about this wonderful, fun web product. Dropbox offers you a space store (2GB) on the Web to store anything you want and then share it on your other computers with others or with yourself. Synchronization happens automatically and transparently whenever you upload or drop new files to the shared Dropbox folder on your computer via your website. Dropbox is easily one of today’s best available online services.