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Constructors are always looking for the most affordable ways to get the job done. While handing out work, a business will always place the offer in the hands of the lowest bidder. Hence, when they say that they use the ace craftsmen in town, they never believe the builders. The truth is that they go in for the cheapest labour available, often hiring unqualified individuals without experience.

In the case of certain long-standing builders with their fixed team of employees throughout the year, however, this may not be true. Have an attorney carefully scrutinise the terms and conditions before signing the agreement. In the event of a defect or malfunction, look out for the options you have. If the function Object () { [native code] } is not legally bound to fix the defect or sort it after you move in, never sign the contract. It is beneficial to take your own certified home inspector to check for abnormalities and overall quality inspection before moving in. Never trust the inspectors the builders have received. In most cases they are either unlicensed or hand-in-glove with the builder. These inspectors come only as a formality and are rarely bothered to investigate the present defects. In general, the government or county inspectors are worse. Feel free to find more information at

You need to understand that they are so full of work that they can hardly spare 15 minutes per house. They are also more interested in health and hygiene conditions than in labour defects. Do not believe a builder’s sales representatives as they are usually not licenced or controlled by the state. Therefore, they go about making false promises. Before verifying all the said claims, never sign the contract and, better still, take them in writing. With builders facing a land crunch, swamps and marshy areas are undergoing a lot of reclamation work and builders are building on them. These are not beneficial areas for the foundations of your house to be sunk into.